Complying With Construction Health And Safety Law In London

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Do you own a construction company that works in the United Kingdom? There are certain health and safety regulations that you must follow as a business operating in the UK. Non-compliance with these regulations and laws is considered a crime and punishable with a fine. The safety of employees and customers is paramount and the primary reason behind this legislation. As the employer, you are responsible for providing a safe working environment for all employees. Construction health and safety law in London governs all equipment and machinery as well as the employees’ local work environment. This law isn’t concerned with the health of the staff unless there are problems caused by their work environment.

Good health and safety practices improve on three primary areas: legal, financial, and moral. Keeping employees safe and healthy is not only protects the employees but also protects the business.

From a legal aspect, complying with all health and safety requirements is certainly a legal issue. If a construction business owner fails to provide a safe working environment and is shown to be in non-compliance with health and safety legislation the business owner may be fined. ¬†They can also be taken to criminal or civil court. Many small business owners don’t have retained legal representation, so can be especially vulnerable to prosecution.¬†Which is why it is highly recommended to employ qualified London health and safety consultants.

Health and Safety AdvisorsIf your employees miss work because they are injured, it costs you money. First, you will have to pay them while they are injured and they may also be eligible for additional compensation, especially if you were negligent about complying with health and safety laws. You may also have to absorb the costs of paying someone to do their job while the employee is recovering. If you are taken to court, you may be charged fines and be ordered to pay the employee additional compensation. This may be on top of the attorney expenses you must pay to defend yourself. There is also the potential cost of adverse publicity. If there is negative press about your case, you could lose customers and orders. Another financial consideration is insurance costs. Insurance companies will likely raise your rates if they must pay workman’s’ compensation to an employee who was injured because you didn’t follow construction health and safety law in London.

Perhaps the most important aspect of complying with all health and safety laws and providing a safe working environment for your employees is that it is the right thing to do. You don’t ever want to injure anyone or be the cause of someone getting injured. As the employer, it is your moral responsibility to provide a safe working environment for all of your employees. Your employees should expect to return home each evening in the same healthy condition as when they arrived at work in the morning.

The health and safety of your employees are based on law. How you interpret these laws and implement procedures to ensure they are followed is your decision. Accidents can happen, but as long as you do what you can to follow construction health and safety law in London, your employees will be safe as possible when at work.